Automated recording and faster, smooth conveying processes

What do CEP service providers need? The right systems for automated shipment recording, intelligent data management, and the networking of all supply chain processes. And then? The conveying processes in the distribution centers run smoothly


CEP service providers with fast-moving sorting systems or parcel logistics companies for air freight have special requirements: They need to know exactly which hazardous goods pass through the distribution center.

Auto-ID systems identify hazardous goods labels and control direct sorting according to the label.

The advantages are clear: maximum transparency at the hub, a safe environment for operators, no dangerous goods where they don’t belong.



Automatic ANPR is a complete suite of speed enforcement technology. Combining state-of-the-art modular components. The technology gives you the opportunity, freedom and flexibility to enforce speed limits with a full range of solutions, designed for your environment, goals and situation. Maximum flexibility, maximum performance with minimum installation time and minimum costs!


VITRONIC portable applications without hardware adjustments, designed for easy handling with the fast setting on a tripod for speed limit enforcement, and flexible traffic light violations as well as fast installation from the side of the road.


Automated Inspection Takes a Closer Look

Today’s cutting-edge technology uses automated welding. Quality is enhanced even further when the inspection of weld seams is also automated. That’s because automated weld seam inspection is always reliable, regardless of its environment. In addition, it automatically documents product quality.
24/7 Maximum availability
100% Objective

Automation line production on automotive Industry

Modern & Efficient Automotive Industry means;  Short development cycles, innovative manufacturing, assembly processes, and new production lines mean constant challenges.

But how can complex drive components be manufactured economically? By using efficient manufacturing processes and powerful quality inspection

Every manufacturing step has its challenges — and the potential for optimization. The VINSPEC inspection system documents and saves all inspection results and even takes account of information from other sources. From the cumulative data, automotive manufacturers can implement direct and lasting process optimizations. 

This will enable automotive manufacturers to achieve their goal of reducing costs at each stage of the value chain and producing increasingly high-quality powertrain components systems and our expertise, even for the most challenging inspection tasks.

Best Quality inspection of infusion bags presents

It must meet strict requirements to guarantee product and patient safety. At the same time, unnecessary scrap must be avoided.

VITRONIC offers you a cost-efficient yet a precise solution. Automation reduces costs compared with a manual 100% inspection and pays for itself within a short space of time. The inspection is reliable and objective and is stably reproducible over long periods. Defects are detected at an early stage.

In infusion bag production, the goal is to reliably detect defects while minimizing false rejects. This can only be achieved in a cost-efficient manner by optimizing inspection processes and automated visual inspection (AVI). The perfectly adjusted systems from VITRONIC achieve the lowest possible false reject rates.

VITRONIC systems are reliable and stable to ensure that your filling processes run smoothly.

100% Inspection, max. cycle time


OPTOLUS – as an Authorized Dealer in Indonesia has been involved in many projects in video surveillance systems to improve safety, from helping retail stores curb theft to increasing security in schools, the food industry, hotels, markets to hospitals, and to ensure all activities are safe and peaceful. thoughts in any job and business. A complete IP video surveillance system comes with everything you need to install a system so you know it’s designed to work well together.

Hotel, Resort & Hospitality

With more than 10 years experiences serving hotels, resorts, hospitality, and entertainment facilities, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide reliable security camera systems to customers in the hospitality industry. We are fully informed about the daily security threats faced in the hotel industry, and have the experience of designing solutions to conquer threats such as theft, vandalism, crime and more while also ensuring the safety and comfort of every hotel visitor whether on vacation, business or traveling.

Transport & Critical Infrastructure

Optolus is highly experienced in providing reliable security camera solutions for government agencies, i the military, airports, rail & rail industry, seaports & logistics, roads & highways, law enforcement, courthouses, customs, and regulators. We understand well the day-to-day security threats faced by government organizations, and take advantage of our advanced expertise & service offerings to help minimize them.

Data Center, Server, & Monitoring

Data Center is the most important part in Surveillance technology, where all data is entered and collected. Here, the data are stored, processed and analyzed. In the data center room there are servers, storage systems, and video management systems are operated all of the time (24/7). When the system are operated, they never stop and running all of the time. Therefore it must be safe, secure and well protected because it functions as a witness or Trusted Data for every single evident.



There are several National Critical Facilities and Infrastructure, including: Chemical ManufactureOil & GasPipeline TransmissionPower Electricity Transmission & Distribution and other facilities such as AirportSea and Logistic PortThe management and operation of such infrastructure is sensitive, dangerous, and critical to national and public needs. Only authorized persons are allowed to access these highly restrictive, secure and Critical Infrastructure



Active infrared barriers are composed of: Transmitter Cells that emit beams of invisible infrared light, and Receiver Cells that detect the beams and analyze weather they are correctly received. By combining these two cell types, active infrared barriers form an immaterial wall. When one or more beams are interrupted, the system triggers an alarm. The columns are positioned facing one another and are installed along the perimeter of the site to be protected.