Automatic Outgoing Goods – Capture Data in Motion

One package after the other passes through the outgoing goods department. Now all package and delivery information must be recorded as quickly as possible. Auto-ID solutions automatically capture all codes and plain text at high conveyor speeds.

In addition, the systems generate high-resolution grey-scale images of each carton. With real images in the archive, you can clearly clarify irregularities.

Track & Trace: When exactly did which delivery leave the warehouse? Precise data is your reliable proof to service providers and customers.


Optimize Loading And Save Costs

Our Auto-ID systems determine the dimensions of all incoming goods as they pass through: length, width, height and weight.

The better you, as an e-commerce and trading company, know the precise volume and weight data of outgoing goods, the better you can optimize loading and route planning, register the goods with the carrier and find the most cost-effective shipping service provider. With the data, you keep full control over correct shipping costs. What’s more: Auto-ID systems automatically check the occupancy status for automated warehouse systems. And finally: With the push of a button, you start the automatic invoice generation

Auto-ID systems set the benchmark for high-performance logistics processes.

All obtained data flows via an interface into existing goods management and warehouse management systems and can be used there for further automated processes. See here how diverse the data can be used.

VIPAC systems can be integrated into existing plants – for every level of automation. VIPAC complete solutions combine volume measurement (dimensioning), weighing (weighing), and reading of labels (scanning) in a single system.

II. C E P  (courier-express-parcel) CERVICES


Automated recording and faster, smooth conveying processes

What do CEP service providers need? The right systems for automated shipment recording, intelligent data management, and the networking of all supply chain processes. And then? The conveying processes in the distribution centers run smoothly

Collect All Information

The package has reached the conveyor belt: in less than 30 minutes it will now pass through all the conveyor stations. The address label provides the most important information.

Auto-ID systems read all labels automatically – all codes, plain writing and even Chinese characters on cross-border shipments.

Only very few labels are not machine-readable. They are transmitted as digital images to video coding workstations where they are supplemented by trained personnel.

This guarantees the complete recording of all shipment data.

100% , Scan rate through Auto-ID + video coding


CEP service providers with fast-moving sorting systems or parcel logistics companies for air freight have special requirements: They need to know exactly which hazardous goods pass through the distribution center.

Auto-ID systems identify hazardous goods labels and control direct sorting according to the label.

The advantages are clear: maximum transparency at the hub, a safe environment for operators, no dangerous goods where they don’t belong.

Auto-ID systems set the benchmark for high-performance logistics processes.

Auto-ID systems automate and digitalize logistics processes and ensure that goods flow smoothly and efficiently—from infeed to outfeed and from invoicing to sorting and shipping. The systems work quickly, precisely, and reliably. The benefits are clear: greater throughput, less manual post-processing, and fewer consequential costs.


Automated sorting logistics processes. Error – Free Sorting.

Automated sorting is more advanced than ever: shipments are sorted semi or fully automatically and the shipment data is captured.

Whatever you need to sort, we provide the ideal sorting system:
      – for all package sizes
      – for all shipment types from Maxibriefs to large packages or goods boxes
      – for all sorts of shipment shapes and sizes (irregulars, flats)



Technology for Precise and Certifiable Freight Measurement

Cargo space in airplanes is expensive and loading is a very complex issue. As a result, cargo companies rely on precise and certifiable measurements of the dimensions of packages and pallets. However, manual processes take too long and require trained staff. Freight values declared as too low are also problematic. The solution is to automate your freight measurement and ensure full transparency of “your” air freight.

Error-Free Data

Automated air freight handling not only results in faster processes. Automation also means error-free capture of all data in a single work step. Every ULD pallet has its own data record. The Auto-ID system can create an optional image of the complete pallet and save it to the archive. It simply doesn’t get more transparent than this.

Auto-ID systems capture:

 – Dimensions and weight
 – All codes
 – Plain text optional

Our Auto-ID systems enable error-free, certifiable freight measurement. This results in processes that are accelerated to the max.

Even with the VIPAC STATIC PALLETS semi-automated system, you can achieve time savings of 75 percent compared with manual capture. And our fully automated VIPAC IN-MOTION systems are even faster. Which allows you to also manage express freight in the blink of an eye.

25s – 60s : Manual data capture

Automated recording and faster, smooth conveying processes

With VIPAC STATIC PALLETS, you can choose between portal solutions with measuring corridors for one or more pallets or a movable solution that can be flexibly positioned in the hub. Our VIPAC IN-MOTION systems are also available for pallets that are conveyed automatically. An optional X-ray module can also be integrated.


Measuring Air Freight—Transparently, Automatically, and Efficiently :

 – Automated capture of codes, volumes, and dimensions
– Certified invoicing
– 75% time saving compared with manual capture
– Optimal warehouse and transportation planning
– Simplified Claim Management
– Seamless track & trace

Putting Data to Good Use

You need reliable freight measurements because, when it comes to air freights, every centimeter and every gram counts. Our certified freight data enables optimal loading of ULD pallets and ULD containers so you don’t waste any precious space.

Our Auto-ID systems also detect pallets that have not been loaded uniformly, protrusions, and deviations from the pallet standard, and check whether freight is stackable.

What about the question of liability after freight is handed over? Error-free data records with images also provide clear evidence in relation to the quantity, weight, volume, and integrity of each freight shipment.



More Efficiency in the Incoming Goods Department

Multi-codes on SMD reels should be captured quickly and without errors. But it is simply not possible to pick up any real pace when using conventional handheld scanners. Furthermore, the high error rate is a problem with regard to traceability if not sooner. A sleek camera system on the manual workstation provides the solution for the entire process.

Fast-Paced Incoming Goods Processes at Last

Want to improve efficiency at manual workstations? This Auto-ID system eliminates the need for laborious handheld scanners and error-susceptible manual triggering for every code.

This makes it a lot quicker to capture reels. We have based our example calculation on an average of six multi-codes per reel.

900 reels/h : with an Auto-ID-camera

300 reels/h : manually

3× faster than manually

All Codes at Once
As soon as the operator of the incoming goods moves the SMD reel into the reading area, the camera above the workstation triggers — automatically! Acoustic signals are also emitted to assist the operator with the subsequent steps.

Whereas conventional handheld scanners only capture a single code, the Auto-ID system captures all codes on one SMD reel in a single operation.

4s, per reel


All data! The system reads all data in a matter of seconds. Even internal incoming goods labels are recognized and the recorded data is transferred to the ERP systems — seamlessly and irrespective of the provider.

Faultless Camera Readings

SMD reels with lots of little codes printed closely together are a common occurrence—and it is easy to make errors when capturing them. The matrix camera on our Auto-ID system reads even tiny codes without failure. No codes are missed and all codes are captured correctly.

Only if all incoming goods data and master data is captured without error in the first step consequential costs can be avoided.

Putting Data to Good Use

SMD Reel Capture: Fast and Error Free

3 × faster capture
All codes at once
No handheld scanners
Error-free capture
Reliable data archiving
Seamless traceability