Detect, Track, Identify, & Classify all intrusions over 360°

HGH takes Wide Area Surveillance to the next level. HGH global optronics surveillance solution encompasses a large range of SPYNEL® 360° IR sensors driven by Cyclope detection and tracking software or Cyclope Hypervisor. Spynel® optronic camera provides unparalleled wide-area surveillance.

With Spynel®, you will receive early intrusion alerts to any type of threats, from swimmers to small wooden boats, RIBs in heavy sea clutter, UAVs, stealth aircraft. Driven by Cyclope advanced motion detection software, Spynel® panoramic IR camera provides unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetric threats.

Fully passive, robust, and compact, this panoramic surveillance system can be installed and operational in a few minutes.

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