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We are proud to be able to work together with HGH InfraRed, the Leader of InfraRed Thermography technology globally. For about 40 years, HGH InfraRed has been experienced and offers several high-class infrared cameras for various thermographic demands for your thermography series and qualification.

The professional and universal InfraRED Technologies series provide a professional top-class model as describe for more detail in the link below. HGH only provides and delivers high-quality InfraRed – Thermography devices. With long success history and being applied in several strategic sectors and Industrial at around the world, all HGH Infrared is guaranteed.


Experts in Electro-Optics & Infrared Technology Since 1982

Since 1982, HGH designs, develops, assembles, and sells electro-optics systems for industrial, civil, defense, and security applications. The company has established itself as an international reference in terms of innovation in infrared technology, through the development of multiple advanced sensors.

 Worldwide Leader in Innovative High-Value Optronics Business and Technologies

By leveraging our unique expertise in infrared technologies and optronic systems, HGH has focused on high-technology and high-value-added application niches at a global scale, including wide-area surveillance for the protection of critical infrastructures, test & measurement supporting a wide range of calibration and test equipment from UV to SWIR and industrial thermography for thermal process control monitoring.

Unique Expertise in the Infrared Signal

HGH is a worldwide leader in the measurement and analysis of infrared images. Our cameras make use of infrared images to secure critical infrastructures and control the thermal processes. In Test & Measurement, blackbodies emit IR radiation shaped by our collimators to project an IR image. This image is analyzed by INFRATEST software, in order to assess the equipment (cameras, detectors) of our customers.




Full Situational Awareness

Any threat is automatically detected and tracked, at any time, regardless of its position. Achieve full situational awareness over a wide area.

SPYNEL and its automatic intrusion detection & tracking software CYCLOPE are used for FOB protection, embarked on ships to create a self-protection bubble, embarked on vehicles or in a backpack for special forces’ missions.


Detect and Protect over Wide Areas

Many challenges arise from wide-area surveillance. When security personal, soldiers, or special forces are confronted with multiple intrusions, they should be alerted as early as possible for effective action. One minute can reverse the situation.

The Spynel IR sensors were designed to meet these challenges. Spynel and its automatic detection software Cyclope display and analyze HR 360° thermal images, in real-time. The threats are automatically detected and tracked up to the horizon, 24/7, wherever they come from.


Monitoring on Production Process

In most industries, maintaining a high-profit level is synonymous with maintaining equipment efficiency and long-term reliability. This is particularly true for industries using rotary kilns in their processes, such as the production of cement, lime, bauxite, fertilizer, or DRI.

Any shutdown for maintenance, test, or measurement induces high costs. To increase production rates, reduce operating costs, improve the burning process, and save energy, it pays to select a kiln monitoring system wisely. Thermal Monitoring is crucial on any Automation process on production Industries.  



Detect, Track, Classify, & Identify all Intrusions

HGH takes Wide Area Surveillance to the next level. Our global optronics surveillance solution encompasses a large range of SPYNEL® 360° IR sensors driven by Cyclope detection and tracking software or Cyclope Hypervisor. Spynel® optronic camera provides unparalleled wide-area surveillance. With Spynel®, you will receive early intrusion alerts to any type of threats, from swimmers to small wooden boats, RIBs in heavy sea clutter, UAVs, stealth aircraft. Driven by Cyclope advanced motion detection software, Spynel® panoramic IR camera provides unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetric threats. Fully passive, robust, and compact, this panoramic surveillance system can be installed and operational in a few minutes.

Discover our Cyclope intrusion detection software and our range of Spynel® panoramic thermal cameras covering the most challenging defense and security applications.

CALL Us, then Our team will serve you professionally regarding any long distance protection, detection, and monitoring of security and surveillance InfraRed – Thermography technology.

Series - Spynel® 360 IR sensor

Spynel®  Series includes 10 different models split into 5 sensor families (Spynel-X, Spynel-S, Spynel-C, Spynel-U, Spynel-M) for short, medium or long range requirements from 0m up to 9km radius

Contact Us, InfraRed – Thermography application for your Long-range Detection Coverage area.

CYCLOPE - Automatic Tracking SOFTWARE

CYCLOPE is the automatic intrusion detection and tracking software analyzing the 360-degree high-resolution images captured by the SPYNEL® sensors.

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Non-contact temperature measurement for heavy industry processes

A loss in revenue occurs each time a kiln is stopped, and any cycle of shutdown and restart causes additional stress to refractory bricks. Kilnscan and Pyroscan are IR scanners and cameras providing exact thermal measurements, with the high-temperature resolution, to extend equipment life and allow money-saving on maintenance programs. Our infrared technology contributes to improving production in quality and in quantity while reducing downtime and energy consumption


Rotary Kiln scanner has some specifications :
• Shell scanner with the highest spatial resolution, smaller than the average refractory brick size
• Unique Thermal Warp calculation and historical data management
• Unique scan angle from 90° up to 140°



Ruggedized HDR Pyrometric camera :
• High-temperature kiln camera, providing furnace temperature monitoring
• High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal images from inside the kiln or cooler
• Efficient control of flame pattern and heat transfer


External Pyrometric Camera for Combustion Thermal Monitoring
• High-performance 1.2 Megapixels external pyrometric camera
• Versatile and accurate thermal mapping for the control of waste incineration processes
• No external cooling unit required; a zero maintenance and calibration tool