I. The World leader Partner for Automotive Manufacturers

We’ve been supporting the automotive industry since 1995. Our systems are widely used in manufacturing. They ensure the quality of powertrains and car bodies and of batteries produced for e-mobility. In fuel cell production, we can also support you with our extensive expertise. We offer far-reaching knowledge of new drive technologies—plus our boundless enthusiasm!

Automation line production on automotive Industry

Modern & Efficient Automotive Industry means;  Short development cycles, innovative manufacturing, assembly processes, and new production lines mean constant challenges.

But how can complex drive components be manufactured economically? By using efficient manufacturing processes and powerful quality inspection

Every manufacturing step has its challenges — and the potential for optimization. The VINSPEC inspection system documents and saves all inspection results and even takes account of information from other sources. From the cumulative data, automotive manufacturers can implement direct and lasting process optimizations. 

This will enable automotive manufacturers to achieve their goal of reducing costs at each stage of the value chain and producing increasingly high-quality powertrain components systems and our expertise, even for the most challenging inspection tasks.

Automated Inspection Takes a Closer Look

Today’s cutting-edge technology uses automated welding. Quality is enhanced even further when the inspection of weld seams is also automated. That’s because automated weld seam inspection is always reliable, regardless of its environment. In addition, it automatically documents product quality.
24/7 Maximum availability
100% Objective

Finding Defects Beats Processing

The VIRO WSI weld seam inspection solution detects the smallest defects – immediately after welding. This prevents defective axle components from being sent for further processing, which in turn eliminates unnecessary costs and use of materials. Serial defects are also detected at an early stage and defect accumulation is prevented by swift intervention in the manufacturing process.
0% Slippage

Line Automation

Today’s cutting-edge technology uses automatic welding. Efficiency is increased even further when the inspection of weld seams is also fully automated. The benefits are clear. Automated weld sea inspected after each manufacturing step and product quality is also documented.

0% slippage

24/7 available

100% objective

II. High Quality and Stability in Battery Production

The electromobility market continues to expand, as does the demand for powerful lithium-ion batteries (LIB). As a planner and production manager of assembly lines or a producer of battery modules and packs, you are under intense competitive pressure.

Automation and digitalization are key here. Our inspection systems for battery production offer both and help you gain the competitive edge in one of today’s largest markets of the future.

Automation Defect Inspection

Every Cell Contact is Inspected, Defect-free contacts are essential for powerful, long-life Lithium-ion batteries. Even the slightest deviation can reduce their performance and durability. Weld seam inspection automatically inspects every weld seam on every contact and identifies the slightest irregularities. As a result, only batteries with flawless contacts and high-performance data reach the market.

0% slippage
100% automatic seam tracking

VIRO WSI Misses Nothing

VIRO WSI from VITRONIC offers maximum inspection performance for all seam types. VIRO WSI has a broad inspection range that is unparalleled in the market using inspection criteria that can be customized for a variety of requirements and applications. The solution is as easy as possible to use, with many user-friendly functions, such as parameter transfer, inspection program templates, and component visualizations.

Inspection range (a selection):

• throat thickness (A dimension)
• seam position
• seam irregularity
• object height
• porosity
• weld spatter

III. Automation Detection of Assembly Errors, Improves Efficiency & Patient Safety

Innovative Solutions for Patient Safety

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries are subject to the most stringent quality requirements. Patient safety always comes first. Automated visual inspection solutions from VITRONIC ensure the highest quality standards by completely eliminating defects during production. They also enable 100% inspection at full capacity utilization.

Pharmaceutical products and their primary containers must meet rigorous quality standards. During vial filling and packaging, a very large number of production steps must be carried out under strict hygiene conditions.

AVI inspects along the complete process chain—from pre-filling to filling, closing, and packaging. Defects are detected at their point of origin.

Safe Patient Care

Our top priority is reliable patient care. Take BFS infusion bottles, for example. Particles may enter these containers during the manufacturing process. Our software detects particles regardless of which material they are made of and how they came to enter the bottle. Bottles with particles or any other relevant defect are reliably filtered out.

100% error detection
100% patient safety

Best Quality inspection of infusion bags presents

It must meet strict requirements to guarantee product and patient safety. At the same time, unnecessary scrap must be avoided.

VITRONIC offers you a cost-efficient yet a precise solution. Automation reduces costs compared with a manual 100% inspection and pays for itself within a short space of time. The inspection is reliable and objective and is stably reproducible over long periods. Defects are detected at an early stage.

In infusion bag production, the goal is to reliably detect defects while minimizing false rejects. This can only be achieved in a cost-efficient manner by optimizing inspection processes and automated visual inspection (AVI). The perfectly adjusted systems from VITRONIC achieve the lowest possible false reject rates.

VITRONIC systems are reliable and stable to ensure that your filling processes run smoothly.

100% Inspection, max. cycle time

Static Inspection Makes the Difference

We specialize in the static inspection of BFS containers. For you, this means that our AVI systems require a comparatively little mechanical effort and thus a small footprint. Our systems are robust and require little maintenance.
In comparison with dynamic inspection units, you benefit from a much smaller initial investment, as well as lower life-cycle costs for maintenance and repair.

Automation Detection of Assembly Errors, Improves Efficiency & Patient Safety

Reduce the Risk with Automated 100% Inspection

As a manufacturer of insulin pens, patient safety is your top priority. This is why you need to guarantee the functionality and operating safety of each pen. The products must be flawless and ready to use. A comprehensive inspection ensures that no deviations occur in the assembly of the pen or the geometry of the components.

In other words, 100% defect detection optimizes product safety, thereby contributing to maximize patient safety.