Speeding, Monitoring & Law Enforcement Technology

 Every Monday morning, or when we start a day of activity, we are always anxious when we pass through heavy traffic, looking at the clock, and wondering if we will get to our destination on time. Congestion, pollution and inefficiencies in our daily mobility cost us so much. Even stress and pressure to reach the goal on time can lead to unconscious / logicalness to commit a violation, where the violation is the beginning of an accident. Today, governments around the world are prioritizing improving road safety. Speed enforcement is a highly trusted tool to curb road user behavior in traffic law enforcement.

Sensys Gatso created a system that allows drivers to move on with a portfolio of progressive solutions in road management. Speeding Camera with ANPR capability, can provide solutions to traffic jams, by adjusting speed limits, suggesting alternative routes, tracking high emission vehicles, and limiting access for a certain time. And of course enforcement to discipline every highway user. SENSYS GATSO, Best in the world for reliable solutions on traffic and roads

Today, governments around the world are prioritizing improving road safety. Speed ​​enforcement is a highly trusted tool to curb road user behavior in traffic law enforcement.


Sensys Gatso has a complete suite of speed enforcement technology. The combination of state-of-the-art modular components, provides a system enforce speed limit with solutions – full range, with full design environment view, goals and situational. This technology has a very high level of accuracy, credibility, and adaptability and ensures reliable red-light and speed enforcement. This technology provides a reliable, cost-effective, long term durability, scalable solution and has been tested in various countries in preventing and reducing traffic accidents.


SENSYS GATSO, is a world leader and recognized leader in complete traffic-light technology and speed enforcement. Capture fully high-accuracy objects with clear and clear images, capable of operating in any weather, at any light intensity, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sensys Gatso provides authentic records and authenticity of evidence in every criminal act / violation trial. Gatso recorded all incidents simultaneously, both violations of speeding traffic light, and speeding (excessive speed) in the intersection area which could cause serious security problems.


With knowledge, and 60 years of service experience, SENSYS GATSO introduced a Speeding Law Enforcement solution in traffic in one service, which is uniquely flexible, scalable, software oriented, and proven applicable in the future. Sensys Gatso introduces: Traffic Enforcement as a Service (TRaaS). TRaaS, the system is the evolution of traffic enforcement, providing a complete solution based on an intelligent, effective and highly secure software platform. FLUX, Puls, and Xylium products are combined into one service.

Sensys Gatso will control the whole process; starting from procurement and installation of assets, to recording violations and awarding fines. With TRaaS, customers can let Sensys Gatso do the job while they stay in control.


CASS – Child Alert Safety System is More Than a Speed Camera Enforcement

Pedestrian Areas with a high number of pedestrians, including school, hospital, dense residential or work zones, require speed limits to minimize accidents. Sensys Gatso has a speed warning security system to set speed limits in addition to acting as a warning system. With an audible alarm, the system warns drivers to slow down immediately before reaching accident-prone road users.

Child Alert Safety System (CASS)


CASS Is More Than Just A Speed ​​Camera. We need to safe and protect areas that are at very high risk of violations leading to accidents. Such as schools, hospitals, dense settlements with narrow pedestrians.


Sensys Gatso has a complete set of technology for speed violation enforcement. Incorporates sophisticated modular components, giving customers the opportunity, freedom, and flexibility to set speed limits for specific environments, targets, and situations. Maximum flexibility, maximum performance, minimum installation time and minimum cost.

The Gatso T-Series portable and Sensys MSSS are portable applications without hardware adjustments, designed for easy handling with fast setting on a tripod for speed limit enforcement, and flexible traffic light violations as well as fast installation from the side of the road.


Automatic management enforcement process of violations whether speed violations, red lights, or other types of system, are truly effective only if the offender sees a direct correlation between the violations committed, the evidence of the violation, and the payment of the fine. This relationship is most obvious when the system is operational 24/7 and the time between breach and notification is kept as short as possible.


When our customers have difficult projects or projects with very short waiting times, they turn to Sensys Gatso. Over the years we have completed projects around the world where clients turn to Sensys Gatso to complete projects with great care and success.

Sensys Gatso has extensive experience in Enforcement project management, worldwide including major turn-key solutions in all states and territories. These projects include road systems, intersection enforcement, tunnel enforcement, remote location systems, complete circuit enforcement needs and other important ANPR projects.

Gatso’s team consists of experts, design, commissioning, and engineering systems. Gatso ensures that the project is self-managed, so that it is completed on time, within budget and of the highest quality. Not a single job in the whole world is left to subcontractors who do not understand and are not responsible, because Gatso guarantees High Quality systems, Installation and Operations