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Over the years, Optolus has established the foundation of biometric technology across Indonesia for myriad reasons but primarily concerning personal identification and authentication is considered more and more important. From border and immigration control to identifying criminals to time and attendance in workforce management, the practical uses of biometrics are growing rapidly.

With this objective at heart, Optolus has developed a system that fully addresses the potential of Biometric Technology in tandem with human interests – the Automated Biometric Identification System or ABIS.

The Optolus ABIS Solution provides exactly what modern civilization demands. It is fully-functional multi-modal biometric system that accepts biometric recognition technology via one’s fingerprint, face, and iris. Absolute modularity means that you acquire a solution that is fully customized to your business needs and interests. Our national-wide customer approach will always deliver full-time 24/7 support to ensure a flawless and functioning system.

Using the foundation of open architecture, Optolus ABIS offers absolute freedom in choosing the exact components your organization needs to develop the perfect identity management solution. You have the option to add independent modules, bringing you open and cost-effective solutions with the flexibility to upgrade when necessary.

Optolus carries great pride in providing solutions for large projects such as national ID and social security, travel and border control, elections (voter registration and verification), and registration and authentication of employees in commercial applications.

Optolus Solution Divisions

Enterpise ABIS

Attract new and retain existing customers through fast, safe, paperless on-boarding and authentication.

Risk assessment

Loyalty Programs



Fraud Prevention

Government ABIS

Comprehensive biometric people registration system for governmental applications and civil registries. 

IDs and Passports


Border control

Social security

Driving Licences

Law Enforcement ABIS

Resolve criminal cases, identify suspects and secure borders using advanced technology and user-friendly interface.

Criminal Investigation

Field Identification

Airport Security

Optolus Key Features

Optolus Configuration and Multimodality

Forensic Modules


Forensic-bases applications expands Optolus ABIS to perform recognition and identification based on latent fingerprints and palm prints. Latent-to-plain, latent-to-rolled, latent-to-palm and latent-to-latent matching modes are supported. Forensic modules of Optolus ABIS helps to organize latent prints into forensic examinations. In the event a duplicate is found, the adjudicator tool provides a detailed analysis and will yield results based on a methodic algorithm.


The Optolus ABIS Forensic Editor allows you to edit, manage, search, optimize, and store latent fingerprint images, so as to improve the probability of finding a match in an ABIS database. It is executed in a secure, independent and interoperable environment.

Exception Management

Optolus is full equipped to tackle any task our clients are facing. With the Exception management module, you can freely modify your Optolus ABIS business workflow for any situation according to your specific business demands. This module helps you keep records belonging to the same person together within a database. Exception management specific features:

 Business Workflow Templates – Ready-to-use system protocols to allows immediate deployment and configuration utilities
 Exception Processes – process of exception queuing for system processing on pre-configured parameters (similarity threshold, quality check, textual duplicate)
 Configurable High-Volume De-duplication – a set of custom rules defining the business logic of duplicates processing
 Queue Management – enforces business protocols and assigns specific objectives directly to official operators (e.g. Senior Adjudicator, Supervisor)
 QA Verification – additional quality criteria for imported records. The operator can decide whether the record will be released to standard processing, repaired, or refused further.

• Surveillance Action Management – observes and records actions performed by a human operator (manual actions) or the system (automatic actions); displays a situation before and after the action was executed during a log display.
• Adaptive Record Structure – full customization of user records with configurable demographic data fields, fingerprint positions, other biometric modalities, documents, and external identifiers.


User Enrollment

Optolus’ world-class biometrics benchmark is boosted by the User Enrollment module, which simplifies and speeds up digital interfacing and improves customer experience. It is built upon both mobile and server components that help organizations integrate identity documents optical character recognition (OCR) and industry-leading facial biometrics into their ABIS solution.

Established with modern artificial intelligence, the User Enrollment module works in four steps:

  1. The system receives the face of an ID document.
  2. Data is extracted.
  3. User’s photo is taken and matched.
  4. System confirms identity with liveness detection.

As a result, a new user is registered into ABIS.

Optolus Video Analysis

With the omnipresence of surveillance, Optolus Video analysis is an optional module provides Optolus ABIS users to search databases for individuals based on faces detected in video files. With the support of state-of-the-art recognition software using artificial intelligence and deep neural networks, Optolus offers the fastest and most precise for both face verification and identification. Video analysis is seamlessly integrated with the new Face Adjudicator, which allows users to visually compare faces detected in videos with faces of applicants registered in ABIS.

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