About Us

OPTOLUS (Legal: PT Kesawa Citra Integra), started at the most important moment, early April 2011, when our founder Mr. K Astawa, submitted a working capital proposal to a local bank, for company operations. The bank agrees, even though our “collateral bank” is far below the proposal limit.

More because of the trust, reputation, and performance of K Astawa, who is already known in the work environment in Denpasar and its surroundings.

This belief is certainly very encouraging.

So far, the trusted philosophy that we apply in the values ​​of “Honesty, Dedication and Performance Reputation” is something we have, that’s why we have always protected it. We carry out this character at every level of management in running this company.

To maintain the trust of each customer, we live up to the motto ‘we do – what is right, not what is easy‘. This motto becomes our character & culture at OPTOLUS to achieve our vision to Secure your World.

Whatever your needs for Artificial Intelligent in security, Surveillance – CCTV, Anti-Explosion, Flammable  & Hazardous Environment, Corrosion & Extreme weather area. While for protection from any intrusion, we provide Perimeters System & Technology. On the road, Optolus provide, Speeding Monitoring, Law Enforcement.

We serve you for consulting, surveying, valuation / budgeting, system installation, monitoring, or maintenance, contact us, and our team will do it professionally.

Why Optolus ?

for IOT for Safety, Security & Intelligent Transport

The integration between various subsystems (including Electronic Access Control, CCTV Surveillance system, Perimeter & Security system, Speeding and Law Enforcement system, as well as Intelligent Transport system) is the hallmark of the solutions offered by OPTOLUS.   Products are designed with built-in, advance capabilities to ensure seamless integration. With more than 25 years of experience, our operating console becomes the Master Command & Control Center for the entire facility.


OPTOLUS is supported by several High Level International companies with excellent product quality and with branches in more than 80 countries in the world. Like SENSYS GATSO, GEOVISION, AXIS, SORHEA, DAVID CLARK, some of them have even appointed us as Authorized dealers for Indonesia.


Our relentless efforts are made to achieve a world class organization. We do from our internal: ‘professionalism at every level of management’, then go to the excellent service for our customers.


OPTOLUS offers complete and complete system access, protection and security products to meet the specific needs of each customer. We provide solutions with devices with a variety of products, both for applications on a standalone scale to an integrated LEVEL network system with thousands of connected devices.


We have a strong in-house R&D team, so we believe we are at the forefront of new technologies. OPTOLUS Team with an educational background and experience, and has international certification, is able to provide the best solutions tailored to customer needs.


We have a center for equipment repair and after-sales guarantee service. So we offer maintenance control options on every product we provide and installed.


Training is a culture and philosophy that we uphold with the aim that every element in OPTOLUS has standard and up-to-date standards for every service, whether in product knowledge, design and device operational systems, installation, test commissioning, to the work handover stage, and repair and service after sale. All of this we absolutely provide for customer service.



We ensure that every OPTOLUS product must be of good quality and be a solution to every safety & security problem, so that we can provide the security system & technology to protect and ‘Secure your World’ .


OPTOLUS personal always prioritizes integrity, honesty, professionalism, accountability and a good quality standard level. These five (5) values ​​become the “basic culture” of achieving the philosophy of Trust.

Dedication & Commitment

Every OPTOLUS staff have strong dedication and commitment in terms of: managing every task & responsibility efficiently, and completing every job on time, with good quality standards. 

Customer Services

Serving the costumer is the main thing. We believe that client trust and satisfaction is based on high quality standard level products and the ‘right device for right solution’, so that here the Customer determines and decides 

We Build Relationships with TRUST

Nothing guarantees that you will never fall victim to the Crime. However, OPTOLUS will protect the safety your & Family or your Business/Organization. We identify, detect, and protected your valuable work, system, property or your business. We provide complete top class & dedicated World company Camera Surveillance, as well as for any Hazardous and Extreme Environmental application to “Secure Your World”. We have also Protect any Important Instalation or Facility by High quality Perimeter technology.

On the road, we serve and protect the safety on the road by high quality Speeding Camera, Monitoring,  & Law Enforcement device to maintain the safety and effective transportation.

We have supported by top class companies with long success stories in more than 100 countries around the world. Meanwhile, we have supplied several trusted 5 stars Hotel & Resort, Oil & Gas Companies, and International Airport during Asian Games and others high level costumers. Visit our Testimonials.




We are LOCAL People with strong personal leadership & management. We have an extensive background capabilities and extensive experience in the field of Electronics, Instrumentation. We have also improve ability on Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning & Industrial Internet of Thing.

With dedication, vision and client service philosophy “Customer Trust”, we work together as a Solid Team.


 Electrical & Instrument Technology

  • Research PhD in Solar Energy, Power Control & Instrumentation System at The University of Loughborough – UK),
    Master Science (MSc.) in Power Electronic system-technology at Northumbria Newcastle – UK),
    Bachelor (BSc./Ir) in Electrical, Electronic & Control at Brawijaya Univ. East Java-Indonesia.
  • Lecturer in Electronic & Instrumentation System, Control System at UDAYANA Univ. (1995 – Now)
  • Consultant & Expert Staff (staff-Ahli) on Power, New & Renewable Energy at PT Pertamina (Persero) (2014 – 2018)
  • Expert and Widely Experiences in Instrumentation , and IT & Data Network.

K Sri Aryani –  Director (tentative)

Management Project, Marketing

  • Master of Science (MSc) in CIVIL Engineering – (The University of Newcastle upon Tyne UK), Bachelor (ST) in Civil Engineering of Udayana University Bali ..
  • Work for Hanson and Heidelberg Ltd – United Kingdom (UK) for more than fiveyears (2004-2010)
  • Work for Sika Bali & Eastern Indonesia (Consultant & Marketing Manager) (1993- 2000)
  • Expert and Widely Experiences in Management Project, Marketing Engineer, Risk Management and  Project Valuation / Budgeting


Control Engineer & Data Scientist

Electronic, Instruments, Telemetry & SCADA Technology, Data Analyst
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) in Electronic & Electrical Department,  Univ. Indonesia (First Class Honors/Cum laude).
  • Team Leader ROBITIC Univ. Indonesia (2015-2018)
  • Control, Robotic & Machine Learning Univ. Indonesia (2016 – 2020)
  • SYNTEC Company, SCADA National Electrical Indonesia-PLN ( 2017 – 2018-Internship)
  • IOT System & Technology